Coming Soon-The Ultimate Preppers Guide to the Remington 700 Rifle

If you like Remingtons (or already have one) you NEED this upcoming book. It is full of information, pictures and failures of the 700 and 720 series of the Remington bolt-action rifle.

For the Remington 700 rifle to be in my gunsafe it has to be rebuilt. The Ultimate Preppers Guide to the Remington 700 Rifle will illustrate the reasons why with text and pictures.

As an example, it is almost impossible to achieve the accuracy shown in the two targets below without correcting the problems that are illustrated by the picture on the right.



Remington Bolt Lug

Extreme surface wear and galling caused by an improper fit between the bolt and the receiver. This was a handicap to obtaining accuracy in this rifle and is more common than you would think.


Remington Custom in .308 Winchester

When I build for a competitive marksman, I really get to find out how good I can build a rifle. By the way, that actually is a five shot 200 yard group!! The top hole is a "sighter shot" to check for windage and elevation.

Remington 700 Rebuild with New Barrel in 300 Winchester Magnum

This marksman got so excited that, after three rounds, he pulled the fourth shot in this 100 yard five shot target. This illustrates the idea that three shots test the gun and five shots test the marksman.


Next Steps...

Construction in progress