A model of rifle that our bolt action rifle survival book will teach you to use

Our Approach

I have an issue with the rifles that major manufacturers produce in today's market. That, however, is not their fault. One usually buys only what one is willing to pay for and they have to build what you are willing to buy.

GUTLESS RIFLES : CHOOSING A SHTF DESIGNED FIREARM does not favor or promote any manufacturer, instead I take a hard look at rifle designs that meet a prepper's and survivalist's requirements. YOU NEED A RIFLE THAT CAN TAKE IT WHEN SHTF!!

     Gutless Rifles : Choosing A SHTF Designed Firearm will challenge ideas of what you believe to be true about your favorite survival rifle.

This handbook is not about how to clean your AR-15 or your favorite .22 caliber rifle. It is a brutal and honest look at how a rifle can and will let you down at the wrong moment.

If you have never experienced a failure in a semi-automatic rifle you only play or hunt in favorable conditions.

 I have successfully built custom AR-10s in such exotic calibers as the .250 Savage caliber and the 300 Winchester Short Magnum cartridge. I am familiar with the maintenance requirements of the AR system and also its limitations. There is absolutely no semi-automatic rifle that can survive the environmental conditions that a bolt action rifle will and still function. I have witnessed too many failures in semi- automatic rifles to trust them as my only rifle.

If you are serious about survival or being prepared for a SHTF situation, you cannot ignore the opportunity to become more knowledgeable about your firearms and their problems.

I have successfully built over 300 custom rifles on over 70 unique and different action designs from various manufacturers.

I have also witnessed, under adverse conditions, some spectacular design failures in factory rifles.

If you only have one rifle, it absolutely needs to be the best one available.

Knowledge Creates Choices

Are there rifles manufactured for which I cannot even buy parts to  install myself?

Which rifle will probably be destroyed by a ruptured cartridge?

Which rifle is almost impossible to repair for the average and maybe even the experienced rifle owner?

Which rifle stock material should a prepper or rifleman choose in building an all-purpose rifle?

Should I choose stainless steel or chrome-moly steel? What is the actual difference in these materials?

Which rifle manufacturer make the best rifle action or receiver for the preppers use?

Are there some rifle designs that a prepper or survivalist should not own?

Details Are Important

Gutless Rifles: Choosing A SHTF Designed Firearm is a condensed, written version of the in-person tutorial that I present to every new client that comes to my shop.

The number of possibilities to be considered when building your first custom rifle can be overwhelming.

There are a number of actions to choose from: semi-auto, single shot, lever-action and bolt action. Which one is the best choice?

The list of components depends only on your budget and the intended use of your firearm. Most firearms owners are astonished at what they have not previously considered to be important.

The design and durability of your rifle is very important when repairs are your responsibility. Remember, a prepper’s goal to be as self-sufficient as possible. You need to consider that a time may come when your warranty card is best used to start a fire.

What Kind of Problems Are You Buying?

There are some firearms I prefer not to own, especially in a SHTF (Stuff Hits The Fan?) situation. If you were buying your last pair of shoes would you buy the cheapest pair? No. I would buy the best shoe designed for my purpose that I could afford. That is also why you should buy the best designed rifle. Most firearms owners have no idea of the problems they are buying with the wrong rifle, especially when they are responsible for repairs.

A prepper's rifle should handle the widest variety of ammunition in bullet weight, bullet style, subsonic and possible overloaded or questionable ammunition with utmost safety to both the firearm and the owner.

A prepper's firearm should handle the most undesirable operating conditions you could survive and you firearm survives with you.


GUTLESS FIREARMS: CHOOSING A SHTF DESIGNED FIREARM will make you the knowledgeable and self-sufficient shooter you need to be at that most important moment- when it counts.


Rifles We Don't Want - Yes, There are Several


Rifles To Choose From - Proven Tough Enough

Riflecopes - You May be Surprised

Stock Materials and Design - Not What You Think

Accessories That Count - Some You Cannot Do Without

And much more including numerous photographs to help illustrate concepts


    Gutless Firearms: Choosing A SHTF Designed Firearm will absolutely challenge your ideas of what you believe to be true about your favorite survival rifle.

This handbook is not about how to clean your AR-15 or your favorite .22 caliber rifle. It is a brutal and honest look at how a rifle can and will let you down at the wrong moment.

Become more knowledgeable and better prepared to take care of your own firearms as soon as possible.

The design and durability are important when SHTF (Stuff Hits The Fan?) !!

This is the same information that I present in person to every new client in the course of designing their project.


     Choosing A SHTF Designed Firearm



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