Winchester Mod.70 in a wood stock
Winchester Mod.70 in a wood stock
Another woodstocked Mod.70 Winchester
Another woodstocked Mod.70 Winchester

Our Approach

Our Story

Our Story

I have been around firearms and shooting for over 50 years.  Raised in a totally rural farm and ranch environment, small game hunting and pest control occurred for me every day. I had my very own .22 caliber rifle on my 12th birthday. My first high-power rifle, a 30-06 bolt-action came shortly after high school graduation.

In today’s world, most gunsmiths have specialized in order to survive financially.  The time when the same gunsmith could or would restock an L.C Smith side by side shotgun, re-barrel and refinish a Winchester 1895 in .30-40 Krag, build a custom Colt 1911 in 38 Super and complete your custom AR-10 in .250 Savage (a cartridge introduced in 1915) are fast becoming history.

I have been a custom gunsmith for over 29 years and during that time have been witness to many failures (both big and small) in firearms. During that time, I have built custom firearms on over 70 different and unique actions: Mauser to Schultz-Larsen, Springfield to Kleinguenther, Arisaka to Heym, Enfield to Dakota, and Weatherby to Matthieu, single action to double action revolvers and Colt 1911’s to the AR rifle series. I have customized and worked successfully on all of them.

Every firearm design works great in the showroom but that is not always true in real life situations. The best lifetime warranty on the planet is worthless if one is not in a situation to access the warranty, exercise it or out-of-time it in a SHTF (Stuff Hits The Fan?) situation.

GUTLESS RIFLES: Choosing A SHTF Designed Firearm is a condensed version of 29 plus years of professional expertise and small parts manufacturing of firearms. This firearms series is dedicated to the idea of self-sufficiency in firearms maintenance and repair. When everything else fails and it really is up to you, your warranty card is better used to start a fire.

Our Philosophy

The goal has always been to create and build the most durable and reliable firearm possible. Every project should be designed as if building a dangerous game backup rifle or one that would pass the most stringent military testing of any country on the planet. The only limitation is the client's resources.

I have never been one to believe accurate rifles had to be heavy. Some of my most accurate rifles have always been medium to lightweight wood stocked hunting rifles. The targets on this page illustrate the accuracy that can be achieved with wood stocked hunting or prepper style rifles.


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