A Prepper's Worst Rifle Choices: These Five Rifles Should Not Be the First Choice For A Serious Prepper

 This short book focuses on giving the prepper and the firearms owner some perspective on basic survival rifle issues. This information will help an individual make the absolute best choice based on the resources available. Some very basic flaws in these five rifles make them unsuitable for a EOTWAWKI situation. This process becomes no different than looking for the best knife, backpack, or hiking boots. The everyday rifle, not a home defense or home invasion weapon, but one that is carried in the saddle or on the four-wheeler and goes with me everywhere. Everything that a prepper does requires research, thought, and positive action; creating a prepper rifle will be no exception.

The Basic Ingredients

An early production Ruger Model 77 action, a premium chrome-moly steel barrel and a walnut semi-inletted stock blank. A great candidate for a go-to rifle.

Since 1993

Shooting today is more expensive and more restricted than all previous generations have experienced. Unless an individual has had active military experience, most gun owners have NEVER put 20,000 rounds through every firearm  they own. Consequently, just how does one get first-hand experience while testing different and multiple designs to failure of function under hostile conditions?

As a professional custom gunsmith, I believe this book will definitely provide thoughtful questions and possible solutions for the serious prepper and firearms user. Information found in A Prepper's Worst Rifle Choices is distilled from 29 plus years as a professional custom gunsmith with experience building on and customizing over 70 different and unique action designs.

Full of pictures and text, this book is designed to make the subject easily understood by everyone: from the novice gun owner to information even experienced shooters may have not previously considered. Every serious prepper and firearms enthusiast needs the information found in               A Prepper's Worst Rifle Choices.

Mauser action Go-To rifle

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